Recent Calls
Sun. Jan 8th 2017
Auto Fire on Yellow Springs Rd

On Sunday evening, Paoli Fire Company was dispatched to the 1500 block of Yellow Springs Rd for an automobile fire.  Chi...

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Mon. Dec 26th 2016
Berwyn House Fire

On Monday, December 26th, 2016 to Oak Knoll Dr to assist Berwyn Fire Company.  Engine 3-5 assisted Engine 2-3 with water...

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Sat. Nov 26th 2016
Tower and Engine assist to Newtown Square Fire Company

On Saturday night at approximately 8:40pm, PFC was alerted along with Berwyn Fire Company to assist Newtown Sq...

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News Headlines
Thu. Dec 22nd 2016
Special assignment for a Special boy.

On Thursday, Dec. 22 members responded to a special call to the residence of 6-year-old Jayson Norris and his family. Jayson ...

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Mon. Nov 14th 2016
Fire truck ride to school

The Paoli Fire Company made the day for some lucky students last week. Engine 3-5 picked up 6 kids from their home in Malvern...

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Sat. Nov 5th 2016
Years of Celebration

On Nov. 5th, Paoli Fire Company honored two life members who have both made tremendous contributions to the company during a ...

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Paoli Fire Company receives Lucas Cpr Device
Tue. Feb 11th 2014

The Paoli Fire Company has received a Lucas CPR Device to assist members with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation events. Modern research has shown that strong continues CPR has the best result in return of spontaneous circulation in Cardiac arrest patients.  CPR can be an event that fatigues individuals very quickly, as well as a very timely event, including administering drugs, and helping the patient breath.  With the Lucas device, it now enables Emergency Medical Responders an extra set of hands to perform other task's while on the scene.  

LUCAS™ CPR Pre-Hospital Use

Your partner in life-support

The LUCAS™ Chest Compression System assists first responders and paramedics by providing effective and uninterrupted chest compressions on sudden cardiac arrest patients.  With automated CPR the fatigue, individual variations or psychological factors are removed from CPR and there is no longer a need for shifting CPR providers every two minutes. Rescuers are  freed up to focus on other critical life-saving tasks, such as ventilation, medication and defibrillation, which leads to an increased focus on cardiac arrest management.

Keep your personnel safe during CPR

LUCAS™ facilitates the transportation of cardiac arrest patients with ongoing compressions, not only from the scene to the ambulance, but also inside a fast-moving ambulance. It is well established that effective CPR is very difficult to achieve manually in these situations (1). 

In addition, rescuers will no longer have to compromise their own safety by providing compression during transportation. With LUCAS™ consistently performing the compressions, rescuers are still able to sit firmly, belted and watching over the patient.

Strengthens the chain of survival and increases the chances of good

The LUCAS™ CPR device has been in use in large pre-hospital organisations since 2003. Several publications confirm the practical benefits of implementing and using the LUCAS™ device in the pre-hospital setting and some points at an increased short-term survival (return of spontaneous circulation) (2, 3, 4, 5, 6).